Sarah Maus complements the IRF Team

IRF – a leading consultancy firm for strategic communications – has expanded its team. Since January 1st, Sarah Maus supports the firm as Consultant. She will be strengthening IRF especially in the service areas of media relations, financial communication and corporate reporting.

Sarah Maus studied Media and Communication Studies at the University of Mannheim and Brock University in Canada. In 2020, she completed a Master's degree in Communication Management at the University of Leipzig. Before joining IRF, she worked in various industries in the field of corporate communications. Most recently, she worked for FTI, IRF's international network partner, in Berlin.

In recent years, IRF has established itself as one of the leading Swiss consultancies for business issues. IRF’s established customer base includes about 30 Swiss and international companies. IRF has also made a name for itself in crisis communication and in supporting capital market transactions.

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IRF Reputation AG

IRF Reputation AG
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