Digital Communications

Digital acceleration

IRF supports companies and individuals in all aspects of digital communication: from the development of a strategy and the definition of guidelines for the use of social media to active support in monitoring and issue management.

Focus of activities:

  • Development and implementation of concepts for digital communication as part of corporate communications.
  • Implementation of workshops
  • Guidelines for employees regarding the use of digital media; internal and external media strategies
  • Conception and implementation of specific campaigns on digital channels, especially for events, conferences, etc.
  • Identification of influencers / influencer mapping
  • Issue management on digital platforms
  • Social media monitoring as well as setting up and maintaining your own blogs
Blue Horizon
Blue Horizon

IRF supports Blue Horizon in positioning, media relations and social media in Switzerland.


IRF supports Helsana in the conception, editing, design and implementation of its online annual report and in sustainability reporting.

IRF Reputation AG
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IRF Reputation AG

IRF Reputation AG
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IRF Reputation AG