Positioning & Media Relations

Who am I?

IRF knows how to present people, products and organizations in the right light, taking into consideration their target markets and chosen strategies.

We begin with a positioning roadmap. The aim here is to identify the distinctive aspects of institutions or individuals. Effective communications should produce a harmonious overall picture. A mosaic with many different pieces.

The media plays a key role in the public perception of organizations and individuals due to its function as an independent platform for news and commentary. IRF has long-standing, excellent relations with the business media throughout Switzerland.

Main areas of activity:

  • Communication concepts for the positioning of companies, organizations, projects and individuals
  • Managing media relations from A to Z: strategy, messages, ghostwriting, Q&As, speaker function, etc.
  • Personal communication and media training for executives and directors
  • Media reputation and perception studies

IRF Reputation AG
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IRF Reputation AG